Allsup Employment Services, Inc.


Allsup Employment Services, Inc. (AESI) helps increase employment for individuals with disabilities who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits by providing customized services for Job Seekers and Employers.


Services for Employers

Many employers experience challenges locating qualified candidates with disabilities to assist in meeting their diversity hiring initiatives. Allsup Employment ServicesSM identifies and assists motivated individuals with disabilities in preparing for, searching for and obtaining new job opportunities. We have in-depth relationships with more than 250,000 people with disabilities. Some of these individuals may be able to help fulfill your initiatives of hiring people with disabilities and satisfying the new requirements under Section 503 for federal contractors.

Allsup Employment Services, Inc. can assist employers by:

  • Screening individuals with disabilities and presenting only qualified and motivated candidates.
  • Integrating with your current hiring practices and working within your process for a customized approach.
  • Providing a resource for accommodation assistance (ADA expert available upon request).
  • Offering retention support for employers and individuals and ongoing assistance to both parties for successful long-term employment.





Services for Job Seekers

If you’re receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and feel you may be ready to re-enter the workforce, Allsup Employment Services, Inc. (AESI) may be able to help you get started.

Explore Your Work Options
Perhaps you cannot return to the job you did in the past, but you may be able to take the skills you acquired in your past work and apply them to a new job with a new employer. AESI’s goal is to help you successfully find employment that may allow you to earn more income than SSDI benefits can provide, which can lead you down the path to self-sufficiency.

 With assistance from AESI, you can:

  • Increase your income
  • Keep your Medicare benefits
  • Gain greater personal fulfillment through work
  • Utilize SSDI work incentives to avoid a medical review

Social Security offers a variety of incentives that allow you to try to re-enter the workforce without jeopardizing your SSDI benefits. With help from AESI, you may be able to transition back to the workforce utilizing a safety net of incentives that enable you to retain benefits while you explore opportunities to work.

Individuals who want to go back to work also can receive assistance with finding and maintaining health insurance for themselves and their families at no cost through Allsup Inc.