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Former Teacher/Receptionist Uses Life Experience to Become Elder Caregiver
Melissa was a former teacher and then receptionist who worked in an office environment. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, migraines and hip pain, and at the age of 34, could no longer work in her former capacity. Over the next 4 years, as Melissa’s condition stabilized, she was not yet able to work full-time, but she was able to take care of relatives who needed help and companionship. With her passion for helping others, along with Ticket To Work incentives, and the support of Allsup’s experienced job placement specialists, she was able to use these skills and re-enter the workforce as an elder caregiver.

Veteran Embarks on Rehabilitation, Finds Job Helping Other Veterans
Robert is an Army veteran and former United States Postal Service worker who sustained a spinal cord injury that left him with limited mobility and unemployed. He was determined to return to the workforce, but had questions about employment with his health conditions. With the Ticket to Work incentives introduced through his rehabilitation program, he was able to explore his interests, refocus his skills and discovered that assisting other veterans was what he wanted to do. He’s now employed as a National Service Officer with the Paralyzed Veterans of America, and is financially independent.

Motivation Key to Professional’s New Position
Pat had been working in the insurance industry for many years doing market and competitive intelligence. Pat was also losing his eyesight from a degenerative retina disease. By age 50, he could no longer see his computer screen and had to quit work. After applying for SSDI, he received benefits quickly but really wanted to get back to work as soon as possible. He just didn’t know how to begin the process. Through his case worker, he was guided to the Ticket to Work program. After finding out about and taking advantage of the benefits that work incentives could provide, he sought out training on his own and enhanced his computer skills through a screen reading technology software. With his own personal motivation and the support of the Ticket to Work incentives, he was able to leave SSDI benefits behind after 2 years of vocational rehabilitation and job search efforts. He then explored career opportunities with two employers before he joined Allsup. Pat began his career with Allsup as an Associate Financial Planning Specialist and is now a Senior Job Placement Specialist helping other Ticket to Work candidates re-define their lives by finding success in the workplace.

Former Truck Driver Gets Active with New Career
Tony was a truck driver who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Many of the symptoms he experienced forced him to quit his job and file for disability. After researching how to manage his condition, he learned that exercise could be an effective therapy that might help to minimize relapses. He began going to a gym and focused on strengthening individual muscle groups. Once he felt he could return to work, he took advantage of the work incentives offered through the Ticket to Work program and decided to pursue a new career as a certified personal fitness trainer. He was eventually able to return to work full-time and earns more income than he received on disability.