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Individualized services to support your unique needs and employment goals.

Our goal at Allsup Employment ServicesSM is to help you find a job utilizing your skills, experiences and interests.

With Allsup Employment ServicesSM, you may be able to find a position earning more than your disability benefits. It may also be possible, over time, to completely transition away from disability income and enjoy the advantages of full-time employment, such as personal savings or retirement assets.

Services can consist of:
  • Work incentive counseling
    Help navigating the maze of how various benefits are affected when you return to the workforce
  • Resume building
    Present your experiences and skills in a manner that catches the attention of potential employers
  • Interview coaching
    Help preparing when you have the opportunity to shine in front of potential employers
  • Job search and job placement assistance
    We will teach you how to conduct your own successful job search, while we work to place you with our employer clients seeking to fill open positions
  • Job accommodation planning
    Help understanding reasonable accommodation requests in your new job
  • Ongoing support once employment is achieved
    Resources to help you adjust back into the workforce, discuss career goals and manage the challenges of employment

Fees: There is absolutely no cost to individuals for these services and assistance.

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