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If you're receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and feel you could be ready to re-enter the workforce, Allsup Employment Services, Inc. (AESI) may be able to help you get started.

Explore Your Work Options
You may not be able to return to the job you did in the past. However, you may be able to take the skills you acquired in your past work and apply them to a new job with a new employer. Our goal at AESI is to help you successfully find employment that may allow you to earn more income than SSDI benefits can provide, which can lead you onto the path of self-sufficiency.

AESI is a Social Security-approved Employment Network that can help you work within the Ticket to Work program to achieve employment.

With free assistance from AESI, you can:

  • Increase your income.
  • Keep your Medicare benefits.
  • Gain greater personal fulfillment through work.
  • Utilize SSDI work incentives and receive a special exemption from medical reviews.

What is Ticket to Work?

  • Ticket to Work is a voluntary program of work incentives offered to SSDI recipients who are interested in trying to go back to work. 
  • It consists of a combination of incentives that, when used together, can provide a safety net of income and health insurance while you transition back to work. 
  • The incentives are available for several years as you explore work options.